- Jag är överlycklig över att få möjligheten som Vinnvård Fellow att bidra till att utveckla ny kunskap om kvalitetsförbättring i hälso- och sjukvården - som på engelska fått namnet improvement science - och att samtidigt hjälpa intresserade aktörer att förbättra vårdens kvalitet, säkerhet och värde.

Det känns fantastiskt roligt och ansvarsfullt att få bidra till utvecklingen av framtidens sjukvård tillsammans med talangfulla kolleger och engagerade intressenter.

Om min forskningsidé

Hur mycket bättre kan sjukvården bli genom tillämpning av förbättringskunskap? Det vill jag undersöka. Samtidigt vill jag vidareutveckla vår förståelse för hur förbättringskunskap kan nyttiggöras i hälso- och sjukvården. Projektet kommer att engagera en grupp sjukvårdsverksamheter som är intresserade av att förbättra sina resultat och som vill ha hjälp att tillämpa förbättringskunskap för att göra det.

Reflektioner från Johan

The focus of my fellowship activities is on quality measurement and its use in healthcare improvement. I study how Swedish National Quality Registries (NQRs) are used, and can be further developed, to support clinical improvement efforts. Since quality measurement is integral to models for improvement, my idea is to develop further knowledge on the measurement for improvement aspects of improvement science.

In my fellowship, I draw on my background as a physician with extensive experience in clinical quality improvement and my on-going work with NQRs. I chair a group of experts on NQRs which provides feedback to all NQRs annually, focusing on their usefulness for healthcare improvement. It is clear from that work that although the NQRs are very valuable, most do not provide directly actionable data for local clinical improvement efforts. My work aims at unlocking the facilitating potential inherent in the NQRs that is currently too inaccessible for most clinicians, managers and other stakeholders, including patients and their loved ones.

As I think ahead for the time after my fellowship ends, I note two parallel trains of thought. One is the more “obvious” path of continuing in my academic role, with research, teaching and interaction with healthcare stakeholders. The path involves progressing towards associate and then full professor. The other path involves thinking about other kinds of roles I could assume, where I can contribute to healthcare improvement and academic progress by applying my knowledge, skills and experience. Such roles could include healthcare manager, manager in academic settings, or consultant in the field of healthcare improvement.

Towards the former, I continue to engage in developing projects and grant proposals. Towards the latter, I scan the horizon for opportunities and speak with stakeholders to explore whether and how I could contribute.